With our company's acquisition of Dorado Holdings (And in turn Zenovore Online) we now have access to their unique library of games, from Ninja Werewolf all the way to the  Nevermind The Clown series.

This brings us to our first priority which is to lovingly re-release and reimagine  games Zenovore published back in the day. 

With that end we are announcing Tulpaco Collection which will be in the same vein as the original Zenovore Online storefront. Not only that we are also bringing Coffin Tree back to life as Coffin Tree: Remastered. 

This will not be a straight port but a brand new experience, even with some of the content that was removed in 1995! 

We have so many great things for you to witness. We hope that you will enjoy this journey that is about to unfold.